How do I install or uninstall Aerosoft One?

You can find and download the latest version of the Aerosoft One installer at


Run the downloaded Aerosoft One Setup.exe file to install the app. The app can be uninstalled from Windows Settings > Apps > Aerosoft One > Uninstall.


Open the downloaded Aerosoft One.dmg file and drag the Aerosoft One app into your Applications folder. To delete the app, drag it from your Applications folder to the Trash folder on the Dock.


Place the downloaded Aerosoft One.AppImage file to a location on your system, such as your desktop. Open a terminal in the location where you placed the file and run the following command:

chmod a+x 'Aerosoft One.AppImage'

Double-click the file to launch the app. To delete the app, drag the Aerosoft One.AppImage file into the Trash folder on the Desktop.