Download Issues

Download Issues

We utilize the amazon network for our downloads, and all files are regularly checked to ensure they are not corrupted. If you are facing any download issues, please follow the steps below.

Broken Downloads

1) Please reboot your system and router and then attempt to download the file once again.
2) Please ensure any firewalls on your system or router are temporarily disabled in case they are causing connection issues to our download servers.
3) Please wait a small period of time and try again as there may be a routing issue between you and the server.

Corrupt Files

If you have downloaded a file and found it to be corrupt, any further attempts of downloading the same file may also result in it being corrupted. This is usually due to your browser's cache caching the corrupted file. Please attempt to use a different browser or clearing the cache of your current browser before downloading the file again. In most browsers, this option is located in the options menu.

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