How do I get support/updates from older add-ons?

How do I get support/updates from older add-ons?

For older add-ons you will get support/updates the usual way as before.
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    • Which add-ons are supported?

      Usually all newer add-ons are supported by Aerosoft One. You will still be given the option in Aerosoft One to start the installation of unsupported add-ons. These will be listed in your library under "Other Add-Ons", where you will then be ...
    • Do I need the ASUpdater in the future to get updates?

      The use of the ASUpdater is no longer necessary in case of using Aerosoft One. All updates will then be taken care of by Aerosoft One.
    • How do I get the latest version of Aerosoft One?

      At there will always be the latest version of Aerosoft One.
    • How does the dependency system work?

      Aerosoft One manages the dependencies of the products and divides them into different categories: Missing dependencies: Are required by your installed add-ons, but are missing from your system. Add-ons might not work properly. Optional dependencies: ...
    • Where can I find support/help for Aerosoft One?

      Many questions are already answered here in the knowledge base. If you can't find your desired topic, feel free to send us a ticket and we will help you solve the problem.