How does Aerosoft One work? What are the features of Aerosoft One?

How does Aerosoft One work? What are the features of Aerosoft One?

Aerosoft One communicates with the Aerosoft Shop so you can log in with your Aerosoft account and see your purchased products.
The application can be used for installing and updating products, as well as viewing news and product information.
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    • Is Aerosoft One free?

      You can use Aerosoft One itself for free. However, you need to purchase the products managed by Aerosoft One.
    • How does the dependency system work?

      Aerosoft One manages the dependencies of the products and divides them into different categories: Missing dependencies: Are required by your installed add-ons, but are missing from your system. Add-ons might not work properly. Optional dependencies: ...
    • How do I get the latest version of Aerosoft One?

      At there will always be the latest version of Aerosoft One.
    • Which simulators are supported by Aerosoft One?

      Aerosoft One can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux. The following simulators are compatible in Aerosoft One with the respective system. Simulator Windows macOS Linux MSFS (also Steam) Yes No No Prepar3D v4 und v5 Yes No No X-Plane 11 Yes Yes Yes
    • What data does Aerosoft One store?

      Aerosoft One only stores the email you used to sign up, data about the products you installed, and the app settings you made, such as the language and currency.