XP11 How to install X-Plane and X-Plane add-ons

XP11 How to install X-Plane and X-Plane add-ons

Here are a few hints and tips for the installation of X-Plane 11 (for Windows. For the Mac and for Linux, there are no big differences). The box comes with 9 DVD's. (8 DVD's for the simulator plus the "Global Scenery" and one DVD with the 3 included airports Lugano, Toulouse and Weeze. The installer is the same for both X-Plane 11 versions. It is on the DVD 1 or if you bought the download version in the respective shop account. You also can download it here: Http://www.x-plane.com/desktop/try-it/ (One Installer, all of X-Plane). You can use it for the Box Version too.


For later updates (also for the Box Version) an internet connection is required.
If you have the download version, you need a key for the installation (to be found in your own shop account). If you have the box, then the DVD 1 must lie in the DVD-drive. 
To start the installation you can use the installer (execute) or if you have the box version simply insert the DVD 1 and start it. If the autostart does not work, open the DVD with the file explorer and start the installer (double click). After starting the installer it looks something like this (DVD not in the drive):

The download version automatically displays a field for the key to enter. With the download version of course, no DVD is requested. In this case, X-Plane 11 is downloaded directly from the Laminar Research (developer) servers instead. The comuter must be connected to the Internet.
"Next" continues.
Now you have to select the installation location.The default for Windows is a folder X-Plane 11 on the desktop. This can be left as it is, or you can choose with "change target" a different place. Best then choose a separate hard disk .... Note: Do not install in the C:\Program Files folder. This can cause writing problems in Windows.
Click "Next" to continue.
Here you have to agree to the EULA and (if you wish) send diagnostic data to Laminar. This is optional. So you can also deselect. 
Now you can choose the installation scope. Here you can select the Global Scenery you want to install. If you do not select everything, X-Plane will only display water in the unselected areas (no terrain, land). Selected areas are marked blue. You also can select and deselect directly in the graphics area. Even after the installation, you can install or remove areas. Simply start the installer again.
Continue with "Next".

Note: If not all Global Scenery is selected, not all DVD's are required.
After a while, the next DVD will be requested. The DVD in the drive is ejected automatically. Now insert the requested DVD and close the DVD drive. The computer (rather the operating system) reads the DVD and continues the installation after a short time.
Note: If there are problems, e.g. Windows does not recognize the DVD or does not recognize that a new DVD was inserted, then the installation does not continue. 
Often it is because the operating system is not adjusted to recognize newly inserted DVDs and to perform an action (Autostart ...). This can be set in the operating system.  For Example Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 8:

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. In the Run dialog box, type devmgmt.msc then press the Enter key.
Double-click the AutoPlay icon. Ensure you check the Use AutoPlay for all media and devices check box. Select every drop-down menu and choose "Ask me every time" (or "open folder ...." next to every DVD, Blu-ray, and CD item, and then click Save.

Restart Windows. Additionally the DVD Drive must be correct installed and recognized (actual driver ...) with the operating system.

Restart Windows.


Put the DVD's into the first DVD Drive if you have more than one installed with your operatingsytem. Additionally deactivate a "virtual drive" if you have one implemented with your operatingsytem.

In most cases the DVD is not defective.


Tip: In such cases you simply can take the DVD from the drive and put it into the drive again. Then the installation usually continues. Or another possibility: Just with the file explorer open the inserted DVD. Even then it usually goes on. If it does not work, post here in the forum. We will try to help.
If all requested DVD's have gone through, the installation is finished with "Done". Depending on the version (burn date of the DVD's), an update must be done to get the current, actual X-Plane 11. The installer will automatically request this option if necessary.
For the update action, of course, a working internet connection is required.
Finally, you have an actual X-Plane 11 simulator. 
There is no difference between the download version and the box version.



If you now want to install the 3 airports (developed for XP10 but running with XP11 too) provided after the complete installation of the X-Plane 11, insert the DVD 9, open it with the file explorer and copy the 3 airports into the Custom Scenery directory which you find in the X-Plane 11 main folder (that is, where you installed X-Plane 11). The folders you need to copy are:
Aerosoft - EDLV Airport Weeze
Aerosoft LFBO Airport Toulouse

Aerosoft - LSZA Airport Lugano.

Further information can be found in the PDF file "read-me-first" on DVD 9 (in German at the time).
With the download version, the 3 airports you find in a separate download file with your Shop account.


You can start your X-Plane 11 with the executable X-Plane.exe .app or .bin (for Windows, MAC or Linux). You find it in the X-Plane 11 main folder. Or, if an icon was created on the desktop, double-click the X-Plane 11 icon.

More infos with our X-Plane 11 forum:

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