My anti-virus is blocking a product installation

My anti-virus is blocking a product installation

In some cases, we may ask you to install a product with your virus software disabled because one of the files in the product is incorrectly identified as a dangerous file.

Unfortunately, we see this happening quite often, but of course, we check our files regularly and we can assure you there are no viruses in our products. This kind of behaviour is called a "false positive" because the Anti Virus program you are using thinks there is a virus. We recommend reading this article by a popular anti-virus provider that explains false-positives a bit more.

While we do get in contact with anti-virus developers that false flag some of our products, we sometimes do not get a reply from them. Without the help of the developers of the Anti Virus programs, it is impossible to solve the false flagging issues.

There is a workaround for these problems, though. Most Anti Virus programs have the option to select certain folders to be excluded from scans or allow you to temporarily disable the software. We recommend selecting your Flight Simulator folder as a folder that should not be scammed. Please do, however, keep in mind this is at your risk.

To reinstall a product that has been removed by your Anti-Virus during installation, please follow this guide
We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, however, the situation is usually out of our control and lays with the Anti-Virus developers.

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