[FSX] MyTraffic issues after installation

[FSX] MyTraffic issues after installation

If you are having issues with MyTraffic after installation, there are three common issues. We have listed these issues below as well as how to fix them.

Step 1:
1. Please check if the folder MyTraffic\scenery exists. There should be over 1000 files in this folder and the folder should be more than 100MB in size.
2. Check that the folder MyTraffic\Aircraft exists. There should be over 100 aircraft paths, beginning with A10MX and ending with Yak42MX.

If the above folders exist, the installation was successful and we can move on to the next debugging methods. If the above folders do not exist, please reinstall the product with admin permissions, you can follow our guide here for these steps.

Start FSX and choose the Ramstein Airforce base (ETAR) as the airport.
You should see parking positions "Ramp_mil_cargo" and "ramp_mil_combat"

If the above can be seen, MyTraffic has successfully registered in the scenery library and we can move on to the next debugging methods. If the above cannot be found, please reinstall the product with admin permissions, you can follow our guide here for these steps.

Now choose Frankfurt Egelsbach (EDFE), a GA airfield near Frankfurt. If you see default FSX aircraft there, there is an issue with your FSX.cfg file. Please take a look at the MyTraffic Communicator to see if the MyTraffic entries have been placed correctly.

If there is no static aircraft at the above location, and you are still experiencing an issue, it may be related to the FSX flight planning format.
FSX received a new flight plan format at release, but it is also able to use the old FS8 format, however, they cannot both be used at the same time as both formats use a different waypoint database. If you have any FS8 flight plans in your flight simulator, please turn them off.

FS8 flight plans can usually be found in old tools and traffic addons, such as World of AI, Project AI or its CD version Ultimate Traffic. Some addon airports may also include their own AI traffic in FS8 format.
These files are usually not automatically deleted when uninstalling an addon because they have not been installed automatically, but instead have been generated by the user. Usually, they are named traffic.bgl, traffic1.bgl or similar.

If none of the above steps help, please take a look at this guide posted by the developer of the addon: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/52842-mytraffic-x-installation-not-working-checklist/

If you have any questions about the above link or need help with a certain step, please let us know and we will be here to help you!

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