Reinstalling a product with Administrative rights

Reinstalling a product with Administrative rights

We highly recommend installing products with administrative rights to avoid any issues. If our support team has advised you to do so, or you are running into issues, we recommend reinstalling the product with administrative rights by following the steps below.

1) Remove the product using the Windows Software control panel  (Please do not manually delete the files).
2) Error check your disk. You can do this by right-clicking on your drive in file explorer, selecting properties, selecting tools, and then clicking the "Check" button under "Error-checking".
3) Reboot your computer.
4) Disable any anti-virus software temporarily as it may cause conflicts. You can read more about this here.
5) Install the product as an administrator by right-clicking the installer EXE file, and then clicking "run as administrator".
6) Re-enable your anti-virus software
7) We also recommend defragmenting your disk. You can follow Microsoft's steps on this here. (Please note this step should be ignored if you are using an SSD.)
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