The activation/registration of my serial number fails!

The activation/registration of my serial number fails!

Make sure that you have entered the serial number correctly! Especially symbols like the number 0 and the letter O or the capital i and the small L (I & l) can easily be confused.
If you have received the serial number online, you can copy it by highlighting it and either right-clicking on copy or pressing the CTRL and C keys.
You can then paste the copied serial number into Aerosoft One by pressing CTRL and the V key.

If the activation/registration if your serial number still fails, make sure that the product you are trying to activate can actually be activated in Aerosoft One.
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    • How do I activate the serial number of something like a BOX version?

      Box products supported by Aerosoft One can be added to your library by clicking the "Enter product key" button. If a correct entry is made, the product will be listed in your library.
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      Aerosoft One offers you the possibility to activate products from an external store in your library. To do this, you just need to enter the serial number you received from the external store and the product will be listed in your library.
    • Do I need an active Internet connection?

      Yes and No. For registration, all of the latest news, shop usage or product installations you need to be connected to the internet, however you have the option to start Aerosoft One without an internet connection and then view a saved version of your ...