Unity Engine Crashes (Notruf 112, RHQ) + Citrix (English)

Unity Engine Crashes (Notruf 112, RHQ) + Citrix (English)

Unfortunately there are some problems with Citrix and the Unity Engine. If you have Citrix Workspace installed and experience crashs on start up please try to uninstall Citrix temporarily and reinstall the product afterwards to verify that this is the cause.

After verifying it there is a more advanced solution which might allow for Citrix to be installed and the game to work. You can try this:

1. uninstall Citrix and reboot the PC 
2. Open the Windows command prompt and navigate to the CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe. 
"cd Path/to/where/the/exe/is/located"
3. Install Citrix from the command prompt using the following parameters: 
"CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe ADDLOCAL=ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,AM,SELFSERVICE,DesktopViewer,Flash,Vd3d,WebHelper,BrowserEngine". 

This installs Citrix Workspace without a Workspace Hub (the Hub driver is probably responsible for the crashes here). 

- Alternatively it might help to install the Citrix Workspace App from the Windows 10 Store.