Where can I find a manual of Aerosoft One?

Where can I find a manual of Aerosoft One?

With Aerosoft One you get a manual in the form of a PDF file. In this all basic functionalities of Aerosoft One are explained.
Alternatively, Aerosoft One starts the introduction tour after the first login, which also explains all functions.
This tour can be repeated in Aerosoft One under the account view as often as you like.
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    • Where can I find support/help for Aerosoft One?

      Many questions are already answered here in the knowledge base. If you can't find your desired topic, feel free to send us a ticket and we will help you solve the problem.
    • How do I install or uninstall Aerosoft One?

      You can find the latest version of the Aerosoft One installer at https://one.aerosoft.com. On Windows: Simply run the downloaded Aerosoft One Setup.exe file to install the app. The app can be uninstalled from Windows Settings > Apps > Aerosoft One > ...
    • Is Aerosoft One free?

      You can use Aerosoft One itself for free. However, you need to purchase the products managed by Aerosoft One.
    • My order is not displayed in Aerosoft One!

      Make sure that you have selected the correct simulator in your library. If this is the case you have the option to search for the desired product using the filter function and install the product via Aerosoft One. If the product is still not ...
    • How do I get the latest version of Aerosoft One?

      At https://one.aerosoft.com there will always be the latest version of Aerosoft One.