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            XP11 Aircrafts needs C++ with Windows



            Many airplanes (and other addons) use the Microsoft C ++ Redistributables 64bit.

            These redistributables belong to Windows, but are not always installed.

            They must be subsequently installed:
            Please also install if they appear as already installed.
            Sometimes the libraries are broken. Then they will be repaired automatically.


            Here are the links to the most important C ++ 64bit Redistributables:








            Please download and install (execute) one by one.


            All c ++ redistributables can be found here:


            Often, the C ++ 64bit for 2017 is important.


            Also .NET in version 3.5 and 4.6 or higher is sometimes important ... (See Windows Control Panel - Programs and Features)


            Sometimes also the Java Runtimes are neccessary:


            More Infos with our X-Plane 11 Forum:
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