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            Mytraffic problems

            There are three known reasons why MyTraffic isn't working right out of the box, which are easy to check:

            First of all:
            1. Please check the folder MyTraffic\scenery exists, including over 1000 files and more tan 100MB.
            2. Check that the folder MyTraffic\Aircraft exists, including more than 100 aircraft paths, beginning with A10MX and ending with Yak42MX.

            If those folders exist the installation went well.
            Now start FSX and choose the Ramstein Airforcebase (ETAR) as airport.
            Do you see parkingpositions of the types "Ramp_mil_cargo" and "ramp_mil_combat"? If yes, registering MyTraffic in the scenery library has been successfull, if not we found the problem.

            Next choose Frankfurt Egelsbach (EDFE), a GA airfield near Frankfurt. Do you see some default FSX aircraft standing there?
            If yes, then problem has to be in your FSX.cfg file. Try to look at it with the MyTraffic Communicator to see if the MyTraffic entries have been placed correctly.
            If this seems to complicated just attach the file to your next E-Mail and we will look at it.

            Should this not happen the problem has always been the same yet:
            FSX got a new flight plan format, but it is also able to use the old FS8 format - but not both at the same time, because both formats use a different waypointdatabase.
            If you should have FS8 flightplans anywhere in your FS please turn them off.

            Such FS8 flightplans can be found in all old, ttools trafficaddons, such as World of AI, Project AI or it's CD version Ultimate Traffic, or many packages from Justflight.
            Some addon airports may also include their own AI traffic in FS8 format.
            Those files are usually not deleated automatically when uninstalling these programs because they have not been installed automatically, but generated by the user. Usually they are named traffic.bgl, traffic1.bgl or similar.
            First of all take a look into the scenery\world\scenery folder to see if there are any files looking like traffic, exept for trafficBoats.bgl and trafficAircraft.bgl.passive. Should you find such files either deleate them or simply rename them to .bgl.passive.
            It may also be usefull to take a look into your addon airports. Try to load a flight in another part of the world where you do not have addon airports, such as Shanghai, Santiago de Chile, Nairobi or wherever this may be where you do not have addon airports.
            Should you find traffic over there, but only in an area around 200km around an addon airport not, then this airport is a ttools-corpse.

            If this should still not help take a look into this guide posted by the developer of the addon:

            It is a bit more technical, but provides very good assistance. If you got any questions about it or need help with a certain step let us know and we will be here to help you!
            Updated: 09 Jan 2019 08:25 PM
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