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            XP11 - X-Life Deluxe Install and help

            X-Life Deluxe Installation and tips....:

            if you have downloaded the free version ( ) and have unzipped it, then you get a folder xlife.
            open this folder.
            Then you see a folder OpenMeAndRead. Open it.
            There you find a folder X-Life.

            This "X-Life" folder copy into your <X-Plane 11>/Resources/plugins folder.
            Thats it and you have installed the freeware xlife.

            The Deluxe Version is payware.
            then you get a serial key.
            With this key you can unlock your installed freeware version into the DELUXE Version.

            Start X-Plane 11,
            open the menu - Plugins - X-Life - Deluxe - Registration.
            Follow the instructions (put in your key...).
            See attached picture.
            So you have from now on the Deluxe Version.

            Please keep in Mind:
            The Library OpenSceneryX must be installed:
            You find the installer (Freeware) here:

            More info you find in the folder "OpenMeAndRead" with the file "how_to_install".

            Tutorials, newest version and more help you find here:

            Updated: 18 Jan 2019 01:59 AM
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