X-Life Deluxe Installation Guide

To install either the free or paid version of X-Life by JARDesign on X-Plane 11, follow the steps below.

Installation steps for the free version of X-Life:

  1. Download the X-Life ZIP file from the JARDesign website: http://jardesign.org/x-life/www/
  2. Unzip the ZIP file downloaded in step 1. This should reveal an "OpenMeAndRead" folder. Once you
  3. open this folder, an "X-Life" folder should be revealed.
  4. Copy the entire "X-Life" folder into <X-Plane 11>/Resources/plugins

You have now successfully installed X-Life.

Installation steps for the paid version of X-Life:

  1. Follow the steps above for installing the free version of X-Life.
  2. Copy your serial key from the Aerosoft store.
  3. Start X-Plane 11 and navigate to Plugins -> X-Life -> Deluxe -> Registration.
  4. Enter your serial key and activate the deluxe version.

You have now successfully installed and registered X-Life.