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    • Microsoft Store - Download & Installation issues Checklist

      NOTE ABOUT MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Microsoft Flight Simulator is developed for Windows 10 Version 1909 or higher. To find out what version is installed on your PC, type "About" in the windows search bar and open the "About your PC" menu. Alternatively, ...
    • All versions - Crashing/CTDs issues Checklist

      If you are experiencing occasional or recurring crashing issues, we recommend doing the following.  BOOT IN SAFE MODE AND TRY AGAIN If your last session ended because of a crash, the next time you launch the sim you will be prompted to continue in ...
    • Microsoft Store - Redirected to Gaming Services / Cannot install or update Gaming Services

      If you cannot install or update Gaming Services or if you are redirected to the Microsoft Store page for Gaming Services when trying to install or launch Microsoft Flight Simulator, you may need to reinstall gaming services. To do this, please do the ...
    • All versions - Long loading screens

      The simulator scans the Official and Community folders every time you click Play or Launch. The bigger the Official and Community folders are, the longer the loading times are likely to be. Depending on your system this process can take up to several ...
    • All versions - Sim freezes or crashes before loading fully

      The following steps are especially useful when the loading screen bar goes up to X% then the game freezes or crashes. CHECKLIST Before doing anything else, please go through the loading screen checklist as the issue may be caused by missing essential ...