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            Anti Virus blocks install

            It can happen that we ask you to install a product with your virus protection deactivated because one of the files in the product is incorrectly identified as a dangerous file.

            Sadly we see this happening quite often, but of course, we check our files regularly and we can not find any reason why this should be done. There are no viruses in our programs! This kind of behavior is called a "false positive" because the Anti Virus program thinks there is a virus, but indeed there is none. This is simply a malfunction in the Anti Virus program.

            We have written many E-Mails to the developers of the developers of the affected programs, but unfortunately, we never got any answers. Without the help of the developers of the Anti Virus programs, it is impossible to solve these problems.

            There is a workaround for these problems though. Most Anti Virus programs have the option to select certain folders to be excluded from the scans of the program. Please select your FS folder as such a folder not to be scanned. So far there has not been any virus aimed at flight simulation, so it is safe to do so.

            Now you need to redownload and reinstall the product. - Turn your Anti Virus completely off - If you can find the product listed in the uninstall programs option in the windows control panel please uninstall it from there - Delete any remains of the program from your computer - Redownload the product - Install it as administrator (right click on the .exe and select "Run as Administrator) - Enable your Anti Virus again

            Now you should not get any problems with this anymore.
            Again, we are sorry you have to use this procedure, but as the problem is not in our product, but in the Anti Virus program you use we can not advise anything else as we can't solve the problem without the help of the developer of the Anti Virus.
            Updated: 09 Jan 2019 08:09 PM
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